sew mama sew giveaway day!

giveawayday2012it’s sew mama sew giveaway day! sew mama sew is a fantastic (local to me) on-line shop, and the blog is full of inspiration.

so! you know that coat i just made?


it’s super easy and perfect for this time of year. and i will be giving away a copy of the pattern (or if you’re sewing for a boy and would prefer and more boy-friendly/unisex version, the trendy unisex pea coat pattern).

to enter, just leave a comment and tell me what your child’s favorite handmade garment is or has been. [for c, it was a red fleece pullover hoody i made last year (pre-blog). it’s too small now, and she’s been begging for another.] the giveaway is open to anyone at least 18 years of age anywhere in the world.

comments will remain open until friday, december 7 at 5pm PST, and i will choose a winner at random.

want to enter more giveaways and find awesome new blogs? head over to sew mama sew and take a look!


sewmamasew jpg

The winner is commenter #72, Kristie, who wrote “Lovely coat. I’d love to make one for my daughter. Her favorite items I’ve made in the past are an upcycled cashmere hoodie and a pair of treasure pocket pants with pieced sides in rainbow colors.”

Congratulations, Kristie! I’ll be emailing you to get the coat pattern your way.

Thanks everyone!


oh hello! still here… still sewing… i’ve just been a lazy blogger of late! must work on that. :-)

so there’s this girl in the tea catalog. she looks a whollle lot like my littles. (they may have the exact same haircut). so, in the spirit of the knock it off series hosted over at elegance and elephants, i decided to play around with this cute outfit by tea.

(this is not my kid.)

Dopelgangermy intent wasn’t to completely knock off all the details, just the overall look. i really loved the colors. (“mommy, you know i don’t like green!”)

first up, the dress. it’s basically this one  with the skirt length of this one. got that? :-) i really love this dress, and want to make some up in knits. it’s perfect- comfy and twirly. this one was sewn with cotton couture and finished off with a vintage button. ooh! and i got to use my fancy pants (as kristin would say) new bernina ruffler foot. (look at those gathers. pretty!)


next, the leggings, using my go-to pattern. the pictures don’t do them any justice, but they are made from a wide-wale corduroy knit with 4-way stretch. (it’s luscious. i bought a few more yards already.)

and then there is the coat. yeah, this is the same awesome coat you’ve been seeing all over blogland. and for good reason. it’s adorable! it’s the dear my kids stylish double breasted coat. i found some amazingly soft brushed gray cotton locally, and lined it with cotton couture that i stenciled with silver paint (btw, this stuff is awesome). (the stars were cut using a digital cutter.)

20121128-DSC_069220121128-DSC_069520121130-DSC_0814wrinkles and all. keeping it real over here at nested and stitches.

20121130-DSC_082920121130-DSC_0838happy weekend!

her new favorite

c loves button-down dresses. (she loves to do *all* the buttons.) and she loves purple.

what more could a girl ask for?

yep. twirly skirts.

both patterns are from this book (awesome book). the dress is pattern A, type 3. i love the dress, you may be seeing more of these. the pattern is cut perfectly, though i may lengthen the sleeves ever so slightly. the skirt is pattern C, which i enjoyed sewing with the lovely heather at modern domestic’s friday night sewcial last week. it’s made from essex linen, which may be my favorite new fabric. the stuff has a beautiful hand and drape, and it just shimmers. the whole outfit is of course inspired by the beauiful aesthetic of the japanese pattern books (to which i am addicted), as well as by my favorite new blog.

happy weekend!

a little apron, japanese style.

inspired by this.

the pattern is of course the apron from carefree clothes for girls. it’s super easy, and like so many japanese patterns, the cut is perfect.

i used beautiful a hemp linen blend i’ve had in my stash for years now.

the top is the flashback skinny tee (again). my husband saw the outfit and didn’t even realize i had made the top, he thought i had bought it. knit. success. yo. :)

trying to figure out how to manage getting pics for the blog when it’s sooo dark and dreary (and rainy) out even at noon. i know i’m not alone in this- how do the rest of you pacific northwesterners get good photos from now until… um… april?

(sassy girl.)

excited about this (the patterns are not only in english but sized up enough to fit my booty). thinking about this. (are you??)

thinking about everyone on the east coast in the path of hurricane sandy. stay safe. fingers crossed that it’s not as bad as they fear it might be.

kwcw days 3-6


not too much got done considering this is four days’ worth of sewing. a couple of the nights really just entailed tracing patterns, planning, etc. and a couple of days mostly entailed sewing knit shirts that didn’t work out. (first attempt: problematic neckline. second attempt: put sleeve in inside out.)but i finally managed to master the knit shirt. this is the ever popular flashback skinny tee pattern by made-by-rae that we all know and love.

things i learned and want to remember for next time… (and i’m not a knit newbie, i just never managed to get a neckline and hem that wasn’t homemade looking): for the neckline and cuffs i used my 1/4″ foot with guide- this helped me maintain a precise 1/4″ seam allowance throughout; even though my machine has lots of fancy knit stitches (which are lovely) and i have a serger, i had great results with the wide straight stitch (my stitch was set to a stitch width and length of 2.00); i love love love that my new machine lets me adjust the pressure on the presser foot (one of the reasons for the upgrade)- i set the pressure on the lowest/lightest setting, and got absolutely no rippled seams; i pressed the neckline and cuffs in half before stitching them in- this helped them stay neatly folded in half while stitching; i also used paper clips (the small clippy kind) to hold the neckline and cuffs in place at each of the points a quarter of the way through (avoiding pins on knits is always a good idea). the walking foot was lovely for the knits as well (i didn’t use it for the neckline or cuffs, as rae recommended).

the applique is done in the same knit as the neckline and cuffs… and i put it in last, which of course was a bad idea. ;) the browish-purplish knit is a lovely soft and thickish french terry. this shirt feel so much higher quality than anything you’ll find in a store. aside from the funky-ish applique, it looks totally professional. (pats self on back.) now that i finally mastered the knit tee, i’m gonna crank a bunch of these out. i may adjust the pattern a bit, as it seems to bunch around c’s chest. maybe i just need to go up a size.

these leggings are made from a lovely thick japanese french terry i’ve had for several years (!) now. i used my favorite leggings pattern, the johnny mango seed leggings. for some reason, this pair came out a little funky in the crotch, so they will either be jammies or be worn under a skirt. i usually make these leggings in a cotton-lycra blend with good 4-way stretch, and they are awesome fitting on my littles.

now the only question is…


or throw on a skirt and make it a fun outfit?

let’s be realistic. probably both.

one more day of kcwc sewing! hope your sewing is going well.


kcwc days 1 & 2

the first two days of kcwc were spent on top A-2 from the japanese pattern book “a sunny spot”.

i used a cotton poplin i found locally- its crisp hand gives this short dress quite a bit of volume. c will definitely need to wear a tank underneath to keep warm once the weather turns. i did lengthen the sleeves to be full-length, but otherwise made no changes to the pattern. it came out a wee bit wide for my little littles… she’s five but really has the measurements of a 2T or 3T with a couple extra inches in height.

we are pretty limited in our time of day for a photo shoot this time of year, and after school today didn’t work out to be the best time for c to tolerate mama’s antics. she was most uncooperative about changing clothes after school, and refused to go outside. there were tears. i think a new cold may be have found its way home!

i tried the bodice on her after i had it put together, and she was excited to get to wear a tank top underneath it. when i showed her the finished top, she was very disappointed. turns out, she didn’t want that skirt on it. nope. she wanted a cropped top. better luck next time, mama! :)

i do most of my sewing after c goes to bed, so we are operating on a bit of a kcwc time delay over here at nested in stitches! i’m eager to start on a new project tonight… i’m thinking knits. (do you sense i don’t have a plan? :) stay tuned…

modern crosses quilt

i finished a quilt! (it’s only been a year in the making…) it’s the modern crosses quilt from modern log cabin quilting by susan beal. i took a course with susan (who is local and who is awesome) last summer on log cabin quilting, started this quilt top, and then let it sit for months and months.

but i’m so happy this is finished! it’s our new couch/movie-watching quilt. it’s the perfect size at about 72×80″, and is sooo warm since it contains wool batting.

the fabric is one of my favorite lines- denyse schmidt’s hope valley. it’s obviously not the most creative of choices, making an entire quilt using only a fabric line, but i didn’t care- i loved it. (it also was pretty much guaranteed to come out looking awesome!) the background fabric is kona snow.

rather than tie the quilt and add buttons in the centers of the crosses, i free-motion stippled the entire thing using my new sewing machine. :) (i parted ways with my old machine and bought myself an amazing new bernina 530. i heart heart heart it.)

and bound it by hand, which is so utterly time consuming i’m not sure i’ll do it on my next quilt. i may use olive and ollie’s tutorial on how to bind a quilt by machine.

i love the simplicity of the quilt back.

if you’ve ever thought about quilting before, i highly recommend starting with log cabin blocks- they are super easy and there are so many fun things you can do with them.

thanks to all of you who have stopped by and left sweet comments during my little blog hiatus. i got out of the habit of blogging, and life got away from me this summer! i have been well, though. i’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of it, though… starting with kcwc next week. now to figure out what to sew….. :)
are you in?