Japanese sewing book series: A sunny spot

JSBS_button500Hello and welcome! I had the honor of guest posting over at you & mie today, and gave a rundown on how to construct a garment using the instructions in Japanese pattern books. If you haven’t already, be sure to go check out the full week’s worth of posts. There is quite a bit of useful information that will help you navigate your way through these books. It’s been so much fun to work on this post with Cherie (and Sanae, who provides invaluable translating help)!

My most sewn-from Japanese pattern book to date has been the first version of A Sunny Spot (2010), which (eta) has an assortment of girls clothes in sizes 90-130 cm.

20130328-_DSC0166It’s always fun to see what patterns are in these books, and since I think this is a good basic book of girls patterns, I thought I show you what’s inside. I’ve added a few pics of the garments I’ve sewn from this book, too.  Ready for some eye candy?

Pattern A: High waist dress

One of the great things about this book (and many Japanese pattern books) is that it’s relatively easy to interchange some of the pattern pieces for different looks. You can swap sleeves, skirts, bodices, etc. This book provides more than one version of each pattern.

  • Type 1: back button dress20130328-_DSC0213
  • Type 2: Dot tunic blouse 20130328-20130328-_DSC0186 Here’s my version (more here)
  • 20130328-DSC_2655Type 3: Coat style dress20130328-20130328-_DSC0188My version (more here)20130328-_DSC0174
  • Type 4: puffed sleeve dress

20130328-20130328-_DSC0189 Pattern B: A-line dress

  • Type 1: Dangaree dress (and bolero)20130328-20130328-_DSC0190
  • Type 2: Lovely dress20130328-20130328-_DSC0192
  • Type 3: V-neck blouse 20130328-20130328-_DSC0193

Pattern D: Skirt

  • Gathered skirt20130328-20130328-_DSC0196
  • Tucked skirt20130328-20130328-_DSC0197My version (more here)20130328-DSC_2663 20130328-_DSC0172

Pattern D: Camisole

  • Camisole with lace (spring & summer version)20130328-20130328-_DSC0198
  • Camisole with wide straps (autumn & winter version)   20130328-20130328-_DSC0199This is one of my favorites… I’ve sewn a couple of these, and fully intend to make more. It’s such a great shape and so versatile! Here’s one of the ones I’ve made:20130328-DSC_2658

Pattern E: Knit tunic

  • Back ribbon tunic (this is awesome- perfect solution to the knit shirt minus the fiddly knit neckband!)20130328-20130328-_DSC0200
  • Layered style dress (love this!)20130328-20130328-_DSC0201

Pattern F: Cardigan dress

  • Short cardigan20130328-20130328-_DSC0203
  • Long cardigan20130328-20130328-_DSC0204My version (more here)20130328-20130328-_DSC0184

Pattern G: Coat

  • Linen spring coat20130328-20130328-_DSC0206
  • Quilted coat with round collar20130328-20130328-_DSC0207

So? What are you waiting for? Get your hands on one of these awesome books and give it a go. Worst case scenario? They’re absolutely lovely to look at and will provide great inspiration.

Want some more inspiration? Check out this site. (You’re forewarned, this is a French site about Japanese sewing patterns. Just click on the picture of the book you’re interested in on the left, and all the garments people have posted from that book will come up.) Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend. :-)

8 thoughts on “Japanese sewing book series: A sunny spot

  1. Fantastic round up and guest post, Robin! Love ’em! Japanese pattern books are the best and I’m so happy I got to work with you, Cherie and the other ladies on this series!

  2. This is a wonderful post! So inspirational. I have always loved your version of pattern F and I will have to look at camisole D a bit more. Thanks for showing us the pattern in the book, it has definitely gone to the top of my list now!

  3. What a fun post, Robin! Such a great idea to show pictures from the book alongside the ones you have made from patterns. Need to take another look at that book! My favorite is your version of the wide strap camisole – love it!

  4. I really love the coat and the cardigan you make, they’re so cute and the fabric you choose is perfect! Just a question I would like to buy this book but I’m not sure if it will be better the last version (a sunny spot -The clothes for girls every day). What do you recommended me please?
    The old version comes with paper patterns and the new one no so I’m doubting..
    Thanks in advance :DD

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