some things.

  • it seems i took another blogging break!
  • that wasn’t planned.
  • it’s been one of those months.
  • there has been very little sewing happening around here.
  • that is going to be remedied this weekend.
  • but i’ve been knitting! my first craft love.
  • i’m also taking a couple of online drawing/art classes. it’s been fun. more on that later.
  • i’m going to be a regular contributer at andrea pannell’s cool new site, gotosew. very cool. go have a look around if you haven’t yet.
  • and the reason i finally got off my blogging butt and posted is to share this: kinokuniya will be having free shipping on all US orders tomorrow. if you’ve been wanting to get some japanese pattern books, now’s your chance! (i’m not associated with kinokuniya, just thought i’d pass on the awesomeness.)


  • i will definitely be taking advantage of this and ordering some books not in stock at my local store. :-) after all, there is an enabler in our midst.
  • have a lovely weekend.
  • be back soon.
  • promise.

4 thoughts on “some things.

  1. Oh Robin- it’s nice to see you back again:) I always miss your beautiful creations when you don’t post as often, but totally get that life – in all its busy forms – can get in the way:) Glad you have some sewing time this weekend – enjoy!
    Oh, and thanks for the enabling tip! I had sworn to not buy any more patterns in 2013 until I sewed at least 10 from the ones I already own. I might need to make an exception:)

  2. It is so great getting your blog. I have just come back to sewing (have a wonderful new granddaughter) and do not know my way around the japanese patterns. I am not even sure how to order them. I do know they are so cute and something I want to have. Can anyone help!

  3. Haha! Guilty as charged! I am the ultimate enabler when it comes to Japanese pattern books :-) glad to see you back, Robin. I’m excited to see your new creations!

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