film petit: moonrise kingdom

moonrise title1


it’s film petit time again, and i’m so excited to be a part of it this month! when kristin asked me what movie i’d like to use as inspiration, i knew i couldn’t go wrong with moonrise kingdom, even before i saw it. i mean, all you have to know is that it’s a wes anderson movie and see this:


and you know it’s gonna be good, right? and of course, it lived up to it’s potential for pure awesomeness, and if you haven’t had a chance to see it, do it. now.

so the story is about a couple of misfit teenagers in love who decide to run away together. since the movie is filled with nutty characters (really my favorite kind), it’s really hard to pick a favorite, so i went with my favorite actor of all time. bill murray. a chance to dress my 5-year old daughter up like bill murray wearing madras pants, you say? sold. anyways, he plays walt bishop, the father of the protagonist, suzy. he’s quiet, a bit kooky. he has funny lines. for example. take a look at this short promo video he did for the movie. it’s hilarious.



“well the good ones are made out of separate pieces. yeah. this is a nice one, this is an old one. it’s made out of separate pieces of, uh, loud material, and sewed together in squares. you can do this at home.”


20121218-DSC_1321“here i am in a cardigan sweater. sittin’ here in portland oregon. livin’ la vida loca.”20121218-DSC_1292




cardigan sweater: hey june’s greenpoint cardigan in an awesome wool rib knit from mill end. lovvve those gold buttons. (they’re gold plated, you know. be impressed.)

button-down shirt: oliver + s sketchbook shirt done with michael miller’s cotton couture in soft white.

madras pants: oliver + s sketchbook shorts lengthened and tapered to a pair of awesome looking pants. i did not sew the little squares myself. fabric from bolt.


i didn’t stop there. the first time i saw the movie, i was struck by wes anderson’s fantastic overuse of plaid. this image of the inside of sam’s khaki scout camp tent in particular caught my attention:


(“jiminy cricket. he flew the coop!”)

seriously, look at all of that plaid awesomeness! (and don’t think i didn’t have very serious plans to crochet a rug. i started one. and then i came to my senses and started sewing.)

tents play a big part of the movie. wes anderson even set up camp in a plaid pup tent.

tent grpi

and of course, there’s tons more plaid love…

plaid love

i took all of this inspiration and sewed a tent dress for c.

20121218-DSC_1500 20121218-DSC_1488  20121218-DSC_1412 20121218-DSC_1399 20121218-DSC_1372



tent dress: oliver + s school photo dress. i am lucky enough to have the pendleton woolen mill store in town, and used some of their beautiful wool. i fully lined the dress in another cotton couture, choosing a color to mimic the look of the tent. for this, i eliminated all the awesome pieces liesl designed because i didn’t want to detract from (and mess up the look of) the plaid. i cut the yoke on the bias, added pockets, exaggerated the a-line cut quite a bit, and replaced the invisible zip with an outerwear zip to mimic the look of a tent. i’m so happy with this dress. and this pattern rocks. i want to go sew another (without mods) right. now.

and if you haven’t already seen what is going on over at a little gray and skirt as top


as expected, kristin and jessica nailed the looks they picked. kristin drew inspiration sam and suzy’s wedding clothes… check out that khaki scout uniform. amazing. and jessica sewed an adorable suzy dress for her little shirley temple look alike.

it was so. much. fun. to be able to be a part of this series with kristin and jessica. these ladies are incredibly talented, creative, and goofy. thanks to both of them for letting me part of this awesome series! i really enjoyed delving into a movie in a way i don’t normally, and getting the chance to sew clothes outside of my normal style. doing this definitely got my creative juices flowing. can’t wait to see what film petit is up to next month!


21 thoughts on “film petit: moonrise kingdom

  1. brilliant! just brilliant! i’m a huge wes anderson fan, but i didn’t know about this film – i’m so excited!! your film petit outfits are perfect – just as quirky as i can imagine the film and the characters are :)

  2. Hehe these turned out so great! I want that tent dress, BAD. That plaid is perfection. And C as Bill Murray is cracking me up!!! Thanks so much for joining us this month!!! :)

  3. What a fun endeavor, and the looks you created are delightfully inspired and engaging. We do have a wealth of good fabric available locally, don’t we? Are those the corduroy knit Johnny Mango Seed leggings? They look so cozy!

  4. Robin, I soooooo love everything you did! The fact that you even chose to do Walt makes me love you. And you totally got it right. And I love the creativity of the tent dress. The zipper is the perfect touch. Thanks so much for all your hard work, you were a fantastic guest!

  5. The outfits are divine. I didn’t know the movie and just love them as outfits in their own right. But seeing your pics and the film pictures you’ve just done such a wonderful job! Awesome work.

  6. gah, how am I just now seeing this? I’m so behind in my reader. This is so awesome and I love your greenpoint cardi! That fabric looks so cozy. Thanks for using the pattern!

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  8. I my gosh, I love these. I have a big plaid from Bolt sitting in my stash because I’m afraid to cut into it. I’m now inspired. It’s just so darling. And those pants are great too. I have a boy and I have that pattern…. I think I must make the pants as well. Thanks for taking us along! What are the shoes on the girl in the tent dress. Those are so cute too. They’d go well with some of the Japanese patters I like to make for my little lady.

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