sew mama sew giveaway day!

giveawayday2012it’s sew mama sew giveaway day! sew mama sew is a fantastic (local to me) on-line shop, and the blog is full of inspiration.

so! you know that coat i just made?


it’s super easy and perfect for this time of year. and i will be giving away a copy of the pattern (or if you’re sewing for a boy and would prefer and more boy-friendly/unisex version, the trendy unisex pea coat pattern).

to enter, just leave a comment and tell me what your child’s favorite handmade garment is or has been. [for c, it was a red fleece pullover hoody i made last year (pre-blog). it’s too small now, and she’s been begging for another.] the giveaway is open to anyone at least 18 years of age anywhere in the world.

comments will remain open until friday, december 7 at 5pm PST, and i will choose a winner at random.

want to enter more giveaways and find awesome new blogs? head over to sew mama sew and take a look!


sewmamasew jpg

The winner is commenter #72, Kristie, who wrote “Lovely coat. I’d love to make one for my daughter. Her favorite items I’ve made in the past are an upcycled cashmere hoodie and a pair of treasure pocket pants with pieced sides in rainbow colors.”

Congratulations, Kristie! I’ll be emailing you to get the coat pattern your way.

Thanks everyone!

130 thoughts on “sew mama sew giveaway day!

  1. lila’s current favorite handmade item is, by far, the flashback skinny tee from kristin! i hope little C. loves that coat you made her! it’s a stunner.

  2. My son used to love some pajama pants I made him from his day’s old shirt then embroidered a monster he designed. I loved them, too!

  3. what a darling coat! love the pea coat too! ethan’s favorite garment is a pair of fleece longies by apple dumpling gear – it is so comfy. I’m making my third one now!

  4. i don’t have kids, but i make my nieces and nephews clothes all the time. so far my favorite has been the quick change trousers by Anna Maria Horner. i love reversible clothes.

  5. oh i’d love to make this coat, thanks for the giveaway robin! em’s favorite thing i’ve made lately is her pink elephant costume, i think. she wears those pants around the house a lot (so funny since they have a tail poking out the back!). :)

  6. LOVE this coat! For my son it’s a pair of corduroy pants that he has nearly worn the knees out of! My 2 year old daughter LOVES her Toy Story, so her fav is a buzz & woody gown I recently made her. :) Thanks for the chance!

  7. love this coat pattern!. Would love to do it in aqua for my daughter. Luckily for me, my daughter is too young to have an opinion and wears all the things I make for her!

  8. Both my children like the little apron their aunt gave them. I think I need to make another ASAP to end the constant battle over it!

  9. thanks for the chance to win such a great pattern. at the moment my little girls favourite dress is one i made from simplicity 5704 in a very cute strawbery fabric.

  10. My daughter loves the nightgown I made her for her birthday, even though it is made with an awful flannel with Tinkerbell on it.

  11. I made my oldest son a simple pillow once and he loves that thing to pieces. We actually made it together and I’ve never seen him so proud. He never sleeps without it! I love this coat pattern and would loooove to make one!

  12. My daughter has loved nothing more than her bear costume when she was 3. It was a fleece hoodie with ears and tail and fleece pants. She wore it starting from halloween until way past next halloween, any time the weather was cold enough. She is 7 now and has not loved anything quite as much..

  13. That is a beautiful coat.

    To be honest, my daughter loves anything that I make her (now. When she was younger, it could be a fight) But her all round favourite was a handmade rainbow Farbenmix Redondo skirt made by a friend of mine. She has outgrown it now so I have another larger one stashed in the cupboard.

  14. Fab pattern, I’ve been looking at it for a while – contemplating if I have enough time to make one….. Fave item of handmade has to be a Leila and Ben sweet little dress in a fabric with tiered cakes all over it – loved it!!

  15. I made some slippers for toddlers last Christmas and gave them to many of my friends. They were a success, every kid loved them.

  16. I’ve made so many things for my kids, but their favorites are probably the most simple, hairbands made out of old t-shirt, softies and bean bags. I love this pattern! My little girl would look so cute it!

  17. I love this coat! Thanks for the great giveaway! – Favorite handmade item? That would have to be a tutu and legwarmers she wore on her arms. She got to pick out all the colors in advance.

  18. When my daughter was a baby, I made her a dress/bloomer set. I’ve made her other things since but that first item was my favorite.

  19. My son loved the coat I made him from Sewing For Boys. It’s too small now. Lately his favorite things have been the flannel pajamas I’ve been making him.

    tanagriz at gmail dot com

  20. OK, I’ve sewn a Halloween costume and a flower girl dress for my daughter, period. Both were equally foo-foo and, therefore, well received, but nothing yet that I’M excited to see her wear. I love looking at your blog for inspiration! Just ordered Junko Okawa’s book. Big smile. =)

  21. I LOVE this, my boys are all about the costumes, I have made them pirate costumes last year and this year they wanted thing 1 and thing 2 costumes, took a lot of persuading to get them out of them and they pull them out whenever possible.

  22. Lovely! My child’s favorite handmade item is a dress I just sewed up: OwlyBaby’s playdate dress. She wears it all the time!

  23. My daughter loves the twirly princess skirt I made her last summer. I am not sure if it will make it this summer or have to be passed down to her little sister.

  24. For summer my little girl loves her singlet ruffle dresses I make her. Basically a nice singlet with rows of ruffles attached at the bottom to make it a dress, cute and cool and easy to wear… easy to make too!

  25. My daughter is all grown up and now her daughter is getting to enjoy some of the dresses I smocked for my daughter and new outfits I’m making her. Hard to choose her favorite yet.

  26. Lovely coat. I’d love to make one for my daughter. Her favorite items I’ve made in the past are an upcycled cashmere hoodie and a pair of treasure pocket pants with pieced sides in rainbow colors. kristie_keely(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  27. I made a reversible A line pinny for my daughter with Valorie Wells Elephants appliquéd on both sides. She loves it, best birthday gift I gave her. I am currently trying my hand at a Christmas Dress for her.

  28. My daughter loves the smock tops I made her last year. She’s still squeezing in them and proudly announces to all that “Momma made this!”

  29. That coat is adorable! I made my son a hot pink Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band Ringo Star jacket for halloween last year, and he has worn it almost every day since :)

  30. i would enjoy the pea coat pattern. i made a blazer from blank slate patterns and it has fish lining fabric. my boy LOVES it. my little likes the fleece hat that i wooped up in like 5 mins. hes 2 and Needs it to go outside. cuties. thanks!!!!

  31. Love this pattern! I hope to win because I’ve been wanting to sew my little girl a coat for a long time and have looked at pattern but nothing as cute as this. You say it’s simple? Even better. Well, my son loves a green sweater I knitted for him two years ago. It still fits.

  32. LOVE this pattern – thanks for a chance to win! My daughter’s favorite outfit was a t-shirt with her name on it. When it got to small we sewed the openings closed and made it a pillow for her bed – 20+ yrs later – she still has it!

  33. Adorable pattern! Last year I made a pair of ruffle bum leggings for my now 15 month old baby girl. I even made the little matching headband! She’s outgrown them so I need to make another set since she looked so sweet in them! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  34. My daughter loves her little red jacket that I upcycled from a boiled wool coat. It’s such a hit and super cosy. She needs a new winter coat and this one is so beautiful. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  35. i haven’t made a whole lot for my kiddos, but this past summer, i made a little shirred sundress using the sky blue disco-bally (meteor shower) fabric from tula pink’s birds and the bees. it’s her favorite (and she’s only two) and i’ll definitely make some more for next summer, because they are so easy and cute. i’m terrified to try anything complicated, so i’m hoping a free coat pattern jump starts my garment sewing!

  36. My daughters love their twirly sundresses, lots of gathering involved in making those!

  37. I think this is the second or third blog giveaway I’ve entered in my life. Normally I don’t do so, but this prize is SO worth it!
    So . . . I sew for two girls, but the hands down favorite was a simple layered skirt I made for my 4 year old. Had to hide it after awhile b/c I got so tired of her wanting to wear it!

  38. lovely coat, I definitely would like to make one so beautiful as yours, my little girl LOVES purple
    I made a sweater for her, but she didn’t like that, my boy is more cooperative I made him pajamas and he liked them :)

  39. Oh! I would love to make this coat for my 21 month old niece! My daughter’s favorite thing I make for her is twirl skirts. She loves them and wears them around the house all the time. But, when she leaves the house, it’s always in jeans. Haha!

  40. My grandmother made an adorable knitted hooded sweater for my daughter when she was a toddler that had a zipper that started at the tip of the hood and ran down the back. So easy to put on a busy kid! Thanks for a great giveaway~!

  41. I made my daughter a maxi-dress last spring, and she is very upset to have outgrown it. I love this coat pattern and I have four daughters, so I would be sure to make more than one!

  42. I made jumpers for my girls when they were little. Now they’re starting to have kids, so I’m sewing little clothes again! My granddaughter loves a banana yellow jungle themed dress I made her!

  43. seriously awesome coat! As for my daughter, she loves anything long and flowy…. i made her a few sundresses this Summer and she still trys to wear them to school with a long sleeve shirt underneath. :)

  44. My favourite outfit I made for my daughter was a dress to wear to my brothers wedding. I used Made by Rae’s itty bitty dress pattern for my preemie princess. I will treasure the tiny dress forever!

  45. I love this coat! My son loved the hoodie sweater I knit him. But now he says he never gets cold anymore. No sweaters for him. My daughter would love this though. Thanks for the chance!

  46. My little guy doesn’t really have favorite clothes yet… but I’m hoping the Christmas pj’s I’m working on will be a favorite! :)

  47. My girls LOVE their twirly skirts, my youngest (4) likes them to “touch the floor” so it’s a struggle to keep her stocked up since she’s always growing too fast!!

  48. My daughter loved a sweatshirt that she’s now outgrown (she’s 2). Dad and I loved a three-piece ombre tshirt dress – I need to figure out how to duplicate that pattern so she can wear one like it (until she’s 18? LOL)

  49. My daughter’s favorite thing I sewed is her pajamas. I love using the hopscotch dress by o&s. I am in love with this coat by the way.

  50. Gorgeous coat patterns! :-) My son is still too young to have a favourite of his own, but my favourite handmade garments to put him in are a variegated-blues cardigan his grandmother made and a pair of grey-and-black houndstooth trousers I made.

  51. I don’t know if the baby has any favorites yet :) My favorite for her is too small now – it’s Rae’s Itty Bitty Baby Dress, in a red, white, and black cherry print. First “cute” thing she ever wore!

  52. I’m not sure I have ever seen that pattern. It is *awesome*.
    My 5 year old loves everything I make her. My 9 year old? I couldn’t pay her to wear anything I make. It has always been this way. Thus, one kid has oodles of handmades and the other has very few.

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