oh hello! still here… still sewing… i’ve just been a lazy blogger of late! must work on that. :-)

so there’s this girl in the tea catalog. she looks a whollle lot like my littles. (they may have the exact same haircut). so, in the spirit of the knock it off series hosted over at elegance and elephants, i decided to play around with this cute outfit by tea.

(this is not my kid.)

Dopelgangermy intent wasn’t to completely knock off all the details, just the overall look. i really loved the colors. (“mommy, you know i don’t like green!”)

first up, the dress. it’s basically this one  with the skirt length of this one. got that? :-) i really love this dress, and want to make some up in knits. it’s perfect- comfy and twirly. this one was sewn with cotton couture and finished off with a vintage button. ooh! and i got to use my fancy pants (as kristin would say) new bernina ruffler foot. (look at those gathers. pretty!)


next, the leggings, using my go-to pattern. the pictures don’t do them any justice, but they are made from a wide-wale corduroy knit with 4-way stretch. (it’s luscious. i bought a few more yards already.)

and then there is the coat. yeah, this is the same awesome coat you’ve been seeing all over blogland. and for good reason. it’s adorable! it’s the dear my kids stylish double breasted coat. i found some amazingly soft brushed gray cotton locally, and lined it with cotton couture that i stenciled with silver paint (btw, this stuff is awesome). (the stars were cut using a digital cutter.)

20121128-DSC_069220121128-DSC_069520121130-DSC_0814wrinkles and all. keeping it real over here at nested and stitches.

20121130-DSC_082920121130-DSC_0838happy weekend!

19 thoughts on “doppelgänger.

  1. Oh my gosh that coat is adorable! Perfect for holiday outfits, too. Wish it wasn’t downloadable– all that trimming and taping!

    The whole outfit comes together nicely, and I like the bright pink button featured on the back. Nice touch. Oh, and of course, the leggings! I’d like to see a detailed photo of the leggings … did you find the fabric at Bolt? Sounds interesting and fun.

  2. oh wow Robin, I love everything about this. So so good! Love the colors and the stars and the different textures you put together. And yes, I did notice how perfect those gathers are! I should get a ruffler foot.

  3. Oh man, that dress is sweet and I LOVE that coat. The silver star lining is just soooo beautiful (I have a thing for stars :P). And I love the light gray cotton. What is brushed cotton anyways? You’re the second person who I’ve heard it from today.

  4. Robin, what a gorgeous outfit!! I’m so glad to hear you’re still sewing, and was so excited to see your post today:) I simply love your style – and your daughter is so adorably cute in the outfits you make for her. I have gone back and forth on the coat pattern so many times, intimidated b/c I’ve never made a coat. LOVE your version of it (I’m a sucker for anything grey!). And that legging fabric – it sounds like a dream! Did you buy it locally?

  5. Hi! I love this coat and your clothes, in general! You have awesome style. I have just lost track of time completely while perusing your site and drooling over your work. Had to become your newest follower. Yippee!

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