a little apron, japanese style.

inspired by this.

the pattern is of course the apron from carefree clothes for girls. it’s super easy, and like so many japanese patterns, the cut is perfect.

i used beautiful a hemp linen blend i’ve had in my stash for years now.

the top is the flashback skinny tee (again). my husband saw the outfit and didn’t even realize i had made the top, he thought i had bought it. knit. success. yo. :)

trying to figure out how to manage getting pics for the blog when it’s sooo dark and dreary (and rainy) out even at noon. i know i’m not alone in this- how do the rest of you pacific northwesterners get good photos from now until… um… april?

(sassy girl.)

excited about this (the patterns are not only in english but sized up enough to fit my booty). thinking about this. (are you??)

thinking about everyone on the east coast in the path of hurricane sandy. stay safe. fingers crossed that it’s not as bad as they fear it might be.

14 thoughts on “a little apron, japanese style.

  1. that’s the cutest! i have to try me a japanese pattern one of these days. and yes, photos are getting tricky around here, huh? i’m in constant watch for the rain to stop for three minutes so we can get outside photos. it’s tiresome :)

  2. really cute! between you and meg, i really need to get carefree clothes for girls back out again. and yeah, photoshoots during the winter are the worst. same with gail – i look for a break in the showers and do a lot of brightening “in post.” oh yeah, same with heather too – north facing windows help, as do white bedspreads!

  3. I loved it on Elsie Marley, and I love it here! What a great top! Of course, the awesome fabric helps to make it great – hemp linen blend? Perfect! Your pocket fabric choice is adorable too:) I’ve only made one outfit from that book .. . perhaps time to dive back in!

  4. Cute cute cute!! I have a hemp linen almost exactly the same color and have been trying to decide what to make with it. I’m inspired to try something similar to this. And definitely go for Project Run and Play! You’ve got major talent :-) Oh, and I feel ya on the pacific northwest non-stop grayness. I’m trying to figure that one out myself!

  5. I love the style of this and the hemp linen blend is gorgeous. Great job on the skinny tee. It’s getting dark here by mid-afternoon too, it certainly makes photos a challenge.

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