kwcw days 3-6


not too much got done considering this is four days’ worth of sewing. a couple of the nights really just entailed tracing patterns, planning, etc. and a couple of days mostly entailed sewing knit shirts that didn’t work out. (first attempt: problematic neckline. second attempt: put sleeve in inside out.)but i finally managed to master the knit shirt. this is the ever popular flashback skinny tee pattern by made-by-rae that we all know and love.

things i learned and want to remember for next time… (and i’m not a knit newbie, i just never managed to get a neckline and hem that wasn’t homemade looking): for the neckline and cuffs i used my 1/4″ foot with guide- this helped me maintain a precise 1/4″ seam allowance throughout; even though my machine has lots of fancy knit stitches (which are lovely) and i have a serger, i had great results with the wide straight stitch (my stitch was set to a stitch width and length of 2.00); i love love love that my new machine lets me adjust the pressure on the presser foot (one of the reasons for the upgrade)- i set the pressure on the lowest/lightest setting, and got absolutely no rippled seams; i pressed the neckline and cuffs in half before stitching them in- this helped them stay neatly folded in half while stitching; i also used paper clips (the small clippy kind) to hold the neckline and cuffs in place at each of the points a quarter of the way through (avoiding pins on knits is always a good idea). the walking foot was lovely for the knits as well (i didn’t use it for the neckline or cuffs, as rae recommended).

the applique is done in the same knit as the neckline and cuffs… and i put it in last, which of course was a bad idea. ;) the browish-purplish knit is a lovely soft and thickish french terry. this shirt feel so much higher quality than anything you’ll find in a store. aside from the funky-ish applique, it looks totally professional. (pats self on back.) now that i finally mastered the knit tee, i’m gonna crank a bunch of these out. i may adjust the pattern a bit, as it seems to bunch around c’s chest. maybe i just need to go up a size.

these leggings are made from a lovely thick japanese french terry i’ve had for several years (!) now. i used my favorite leggings pattern, the johnny mango seed leggings. for some reason, this pair came out a little funky in the crotch, so they will either be jammies or be worn under a skirt. i usually make these leggings in a cotton-lycra blend with good 4-way stretch, and they are awesome fitting on my littles.

now the only question is…


or throw on a skirt and make it a fun outfit?

let’s be realistic. probably both.

one more day of kcwc sewing! hope your sewing is going well.


6 thoughts on “kwcw days 3-6

  1. Such a cheery t! I haven’t yet braved a knit pattern but am so very tempted with the new Oliver+S raglan style. Maybe soon when I have worked my way through my ever growing pile of makes…

  2. Of course, I heart seeing Johnny Mango Seed on your list of mades!

    Your crotch issue probably does have to do with the fact that it is french terry, and it probably only has 2-way stretch. Did you alter the sizing at all? If it only has 2-way stretch and you sized as usual, I’m delighted to see the only problem is in the crotch–she’s comfortable otherwise? If she’s wearing it with something longer, though, it’s inconsequential aesthetically. I do like it with the skirt. Nice and warm, too. [BTW–I also like wool jerseys and wool-lycra jerseys for warm leggings.]

    And, if you’re thinking to start making your own pj’s, long-john style, you might check out this blog entry:

    I bet you’d have a helpful review, if you’re interested in leaving one:

    Fun to see everything you’re working on, and all the joy of sewing! I’m gonna start a new blog, too … I’ll let you know when I do.

    Until next time ….

  3. yay! very cute, both the top and bottom. doesn’t it feel great to be able to make “pro” looking garments with knits? they really are tops in comfort for kids. :)

  4. that piggy fabric…adorable! if i had fabric like that around, maybe i’d be inspired to sew with knits! :) nice job on the tee – it looks totally pro!

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