kcwc days 1 & 2

the first two days of kcwc were spent on top A-2 from the japanese pattern book “a sunny spot”.

i used a cotton poplin i found locally- its crisp hand gives this short dress quite a bit of volume. c will definitely need to wear a tank underneath to keep warm once the weather turns. i did lengthen the sleeves to be full-length, but otherwise made no changes to the pattern. it came out a wee bit wide for my little littles… she’s five but really has the measurements of a 2T or 3T with a couple extra inches in height.

we are pretty limited in our time of day for a photo shoot this time of year, and after school today didn’t work out to be the best time for c to tolerate mama’s antics. she was most uncooperative about changing clothes after school, and refused to go outside. there were tears. i think a new cold may be have found its way home!

i tried the bodice on her after i had it put together, and she was excited to get to wear a tank top underneath it. when i showed her the finished top, she was very disappointed. turns out, she didn’t want that skirt on it. nope. she wanted a cropped top. better luck next time, mama! :)

i do most of my sewing after c goes to bed, so we are operating on a bit of a kcwc time delay over here at nested in stitches! i’m eager to start on a new project tonight… i’m thinking knits. (do you sense i don’t have a plan? :) stay tuned…

10 thoughts on “kcwc days 1 & 2

  1. It does crack me up just a tiny bit that she wanted a … cropped top? Hahaha. That is SO circa 1985! Poor mama! It’s very pretty, and I think the skirt improves it a lot, myself.

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  3. Do you get a kickback if I click these books through your blog? I just found your site and I’ve seen two Japanese books I now plan to buy. I really enjoyed your blog. And I really miss Japan! I didn’t know how to sew when I was there and it kills me now, lol.

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  5. Very pretty! Where is the pattern from? I have a lovely japanese sewing book that I have used to death, keen to find others!

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