summer skirts and an update

it’s been too long since I’ve been in this space! summer hit, and with it came travel. that means there has been less sewing, and what i have sewn has been quick and easy. bring on the oliver + s lazy days skirt.

i hope to be back in this space for real soon. after two plus weeks in hawaii, we dove into a backyard remodel to transform the shaded overgrown (natural!) space into something more usable. so far, it’s been fun (and super stressful) planning and making decisions, but it sapped my creative energy! about ten days after arriving home, i learned that my ninety year old grandma has aspiration pneumonia and travelled to florida to spend some time with her. i am posting this from her hospice room. it’s been so nice to spend time with family i rarely see, and i can’t speak highly enough of the hospice system. it’s not even been a day since she’s been here, but she is incredibly calmer and more comfortable here.

i look forward to being home and getting back to the normal routine. and getting my machine going again! :) so… back soon i hope.

6 thoughts on “summer skirts and an update

  1. prayers for your family and for your grandma, i hope you’re all feeling peace. and shifting gears…i love those skirts! the red seersucker with the ribbon is perfection, and i love the seahorses too! like gail said – looking forward to having you back.

  2. First of all, so glad to see another post from you! I was beginning to grow concerned . . :)
    And I”m so sorry to hear of your Grandmother’s ailing health. That’s difficult to deal with, esp. from such a distance. What a blessing that you are able to spend this time with her – may it prove to be a time of sharing and loving for both of you.
    Great skirts . . . my fav is the red seersucker!

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