a bucket bag for summer

so it seems that new bloggers ought to have some extra posts at hand so that when they, for example, get strep throat at the same exact time their husband goes out of town for a week, that they wouldn’t have an unplanned blog hiatus. hm. ;)

i really enjoyed reading the feedback on fabric and sewing for ourselves, and am so glad i’m not alone! it’s funny how when you start sewing, you buy more fabric than you need, but then you can outgrow that fabric. or just get tired of looking at it! but before i (realized i) strep throat, i made a trip to bolt and reconciled my little problem.

all lawns and voiles. lovely stuff! (i heart bolt! although admittedly, the liberty there in the middle was actually from fabric.com (did you see they restocked their liberty??)). at least a couple of these are destined to be wiksten tanks.

meanwhile, i decided it was time for a new summery bag.

this is the michelle patterns (formerly keyka lou) bucket bag. you may recognize the grey and off-white seersucker from c’s antonine dress. i love love love this fabric and am glad i have at least a little bit more. i’m pretty sure it’s 100% cotton, which seems to be hard to find anymore in a seersucker (and if you know of anyplace with good 100% cotton seersucker, do share!). i bought it a year or so ago from bolt.

i have to say, my fabric choices were very inspired by elsie marley’s adorable awesome bag. i lined it with a gorgeous scandi-inspired floral from the lecien my folklore collection. i adore a lot of fabric in this collection, and wish it weren’t out of print!

so pretty. (yay, those patterns match!) :)

a few other details and minor changes i made… i used the one-piece pocket since i wasn’t using contrast fabric on the exterior of the bag. i also used the seersucker to line the pocket to avoid the contrast lining fabric from showing on the outside of the bag. i interfaced every piece (including the lining, as this quilting cotton is rather soft and thin) with pellon’s shape flex, and used an extra heavy duty sew in interfacing (pellon peltex ultra firm sew-in) for the base of the bag to help prevent sagging.

i kind of wish i had used a magnetic snap, but the way the bag rests under your arm keeps things secure when i’m carrying it. also, use of a magnetic snap for the main part of the bag causes the pocket to pop out, so would necessitate one there as well.

one of my favorite things about this bag is how much it can hold without being a big bag.

that’s my ipad (in a not so small case) and a small knitting project. i think i’m going to make a drawstring bag out of the lining fabric to keep the knitting project safe from snags.

the bag is the perfect size for carrying an ipad- it slips in easily and see? you can’t tell it’s in there.

i definitely foresee myself making one of these again. it’s a really cute shape and would be easy to customize (check out this adorableness).

12 thoughts on “a bucket bag for summer

  1. poor you! …. and i thought you might be gone for some fun vacationing!
    love the bag. the fabric makes it super cute.
    i just bought some seersucker in off white & light grey stripes. not sure if it is 1005 cotton. i will ask for you when i am in for my next class (saturday)
    and thanks for the liberty fabric/ fabric.com link. love their prices and they have a 15%, 20%, 25% off special right now! so i splurged and ordered some liberty fabric!!!!!!!!! this will be my first!
    hope you are feeling all better,

  2. SUCH a cute bag, robin! i’ve never tried a keyka lou / michelle patterns pattern, but they seem to turn out such cute little bags! i found some good 100% cotton sturdyish seersucker at josephine’s dry goods today, but it was in the remnant bin. they might have more on the bolt somewhere but i didn’t notice…helpful, aren’t i? ;)

  3. i love this pattern and i’m still carrying mine around over a year later! that’s such great summery fabric. i’ve heard good things about robert kaufman’s seersucker, although it’s not 100% cotton, so yeah, i’m helpful, too :)
    p.s. love that liberty print!!

  4. oo – I love your bucket bag! I didn’t look twice at that pattern, but now that I’ve seen your version, I’m totally in love. great job – excellent fabric choice too.

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