badminton top

we’re full swing ahead into summer here! today it might have hit 65 degrees. ;) and poor c had to model yet another summer outfit in the cold. but at least her mean mama waited until the rain stopped before she made her go outside in a tank, shorts, and sandals.

i present the oliver + s badminton top… which i plowed through the other night. maybe a little too quickly:

oops. that’s some ugly business there! actually, i did spend a few hours sewing this top. :) but i’m definitely not proud of how the inside of the yoke looks on this one. but you know? i’m calling it good enough, because it looks great on the outside!

this top is one that i thought would come together super quickly, but i was wrong wrong wrong! okay, it wasn’t that hard or anything. but it was fiddly. the yoke and top together look like a big hot mess before you sew the yoke since you have about a gazillion ruffles (and thus lots of gathering stitches), two yoke pieces, and arm ruffles. it’s not really that bad. and maybe instead of pushing through at 9pm i should have stopped and sewn the yoke on in the morning. yeah, next time. right.

i think this top runs a little big and short. i made a 3t, which is normally perfect for c in o+s patterns, but this one came out kind of big. c can still wear it, but it would have been better in a size 2t. c is at the tail end of the height measurements for the 3t, and i added 3 inches to the length as the pattern just looked short. (normally i add about an inch in length).

i used a lightweight japanese quilting cotton i picked up at cool cottons, not realizing how hard it was going to be to photograph! the contrast fabric is a michael miller cotton couture, which is lovely, lovely stuff. one of the great things about this pattern is that it requires so little fabric- just a half yard of the main fabric, and i had no trouble getting the contrast fabric from a quarter yard cut (the pattern calls for a half yard).

in case you can’t tell, i got a song and dance while i was taking photos. and then came “mom. i REALLY need to go to the bathroom!”

end of photo session.

she didn’t take the outfit off for the rest of the day (and asked to wear it to camp tomorrow), so i guess it was a hit!

ps- i was a slacker blogger and didn’t respond to comments from my last post. but thanks for your kind words about the shorts especially! home/handmade looking or not, they are going to get a TON of wear this summer, and a duplicate pair may be in the works. one of my favorite things about the puppet show shorts is that they are modest- the binding around the legs is just enough to keep the unders from showing but loose enough that they are comfortable. and c loves them because a) they are shorts and b) they have pockets. perfect!

23 thoughts on “badminton top

  1. very cute, those strawberries are adorable! i have this pattern but haven’t gotten around to it (did trace my sandpiper last night though!). good call on lengthening, that’s my plan too – it looks short and wide even in the drawings. and the sun’s out, maybe you can get her back into it today!!

  2. Hi!
    I have a love for all things O+S too!
    What type of fabric did you use? It looks like knit but maybe a lawn instead? You’re in PDX, right? I live in Salem and always looking for new fabric stores!

    • Thanks, Shannan! I’ll update the post, but it’s a lightweight quilting cotton, not quite a lawn. Yep, I’m in Portland! Cool Cottons has a fantastic selection of quilting cottons, Japanese prints, and a huge selection of cross-weaves/ shot cottons. I highly recommend a visit (and one to Bolt) if you’re in Portland. :)

  3. Robin, I had the exact same experience with the yoke/ruffle mess. It really is fiddly. I used the seam ripper a lot and was convinced I had messed it up but then right at the end it came together very nicely. Funny.

  4. Love the honesty about the inside “mess” (didn’t look that bad to me, actually – oddly familiar to some of my own projects:). You would think with sewing for two girls, I would be an expert gather-er/ruffler by now, but I still struggle with it every. single. time. Making the tucks all neat and even is my least favorite part of a pattern. So I think you did a great job, esp. considering all the tucking and gathering in this one! And good call on adding length! It looks great with the Puppet Shorts!

    • ha ha, glad i’m not alone. i love the ruffles, but isn’t it refreshing to sew something ruffle-less every now and then? (hmmm… what projects are those, anyways? oh yeah. quilts.) thanks for your kind words! :)

  5. I’m sorry you Northwesterners are suffering for lack of summer! Hopefully you will be rewarded for your patience with a glorious August/September. We tend to have similar issues down here on the California coast. We had an unusually nice June this year, but we woke up this morning to gloom and fog, which is more “normal” for us.

    I love this top! And it looks adorable with the shorts! I always struggle a bit with ruffles/gathers and bias binding. It’s so hard to make it look as good on the inside as the outside. Sometimes you just have to cut your losses and move on. Luckily, you’re the only one who will ever notice the “messiness” inside this top, truly!

    • glad you had an unseasonably nice june! this is normal for us, too, it usually doesn’t get nice until after the fourth of july but then stays beautiful into october. portland summers are well worth all the rain, in my opinion!

      and thank you! i’m happy with how the top came out but figured i should be honest about my little mess. :)

        • LOL, Portland is great, but don’t you live near San Francisco? I’d love to go fabric shopping there. Britex would be so much fun! I’ve never been to a fabric shop like that (or like I imagine it to be, lol).

          • Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. It’s just a few blocks from where I work, but I have to be careful not to shop there too often, because the prices are INSANE. And it messes with your head. After a few minutes of browsing, you’re thinking, “Hmm, only $49/yard? What a deal!” :-)

  6. Ooh so cute, I love how it turned out! And you live in Portland?! I’m from Oregon, living in Southern California now. I’m headed to Portland next week, though, and am planning to hit up Cool Cottons and Bolt. Anywhere else I should try?

    • Yes, definitely hit up Bolt and Cool Cottons! Fabric Depot is worth a stop, too, it’s enormous (think Target). Mill End is a good place for a variety of fabrics, you never know what you’ll find there. And then of course (close to Mill End) there is the Pendleton Wool outlet if you’re interested in acquiring wool fabrics. They have amazing stuff and really great clearance bins to sift through. And if you’re interested in Japanese patterns, there is a great selection of them at the Kinokuniya bookstore in Uwajimaya. If you are downtown, Josephine’s Dry Goods is close to Powells and worth a pop in. They tend to have a small selection of very nice (and pricey) stuff.

      And that’s the fabric. (Do you knit? :)

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