it’s the last day of school! finally, summer is here. and the sun is shining!

this simple little summer outfit is the clever charlotte sandpiper top and the ever popular oliver + s puppet show shorts in denim.

i love the lines on the clever charlotte top. there are a lot of patterns like this out there, but the lines on this pattern are modern and very stylish. i think the top is a little revealing for school, but will be perfect for the beach and parks and general outside play in the sun.

this top can be made reversible (this one isn’t). the lining is a bit hard to see, but here’s a peek-

the puppet show shorts are one of my favorite shorts patterns. that said, i’m not sure this lightweight denim was the best choice, as it looks a little homemade in the back since you don’t usually find these types of shorts in denim in the stores. alas. they’re cute anyways! but i might select just a regular old solid next time.

i’ll leave the giveaway open until sometime this afternoon, so if you haven’t entered already, now’s the time! i’m giving away a handmade citronille top in an out of print heather ross double gauze! :)

12 thoughts on “summer!

  1. Yes, I love this outfit! The top is adorable (I’ve been eying versions all over the webs, super cute!) and the shorts are perfect! What looks homemade about them? I don’t understand! I think the light denim is perfect!

  2. i’m jumping in to agree with all the “yes” votes for the chambray! I think they look adorable! And so practical – go with pretty much everything! And clearly they go well with the sandpiper top, as you daughter looks so cute and summery:)

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