wiksten tova: mama needs new clothes

yeah, i need some new clothes. how about you? do your kiddos have stellar wardrobes and yours is in need of some updating? you’re not alone.

this is the third time i’ve made the tova top by wiksten. it’s awesome, because now jenny offers the patterns digitally for a much lower price than what i paid when i bought the paper version. i highly recommend this top. i made a size medium… i’m a bit shy of 5’5″ and took about an inch and a half of the hem but made no other changes. i could probably tweak the fit a bit, but overall i’m very happy with it. (as long as i’m looking at these pics from my front. the side and back pics? forget it. :) this might be a piece of skinny girl clothing, and i’m a big ol’ wide pear. what to do…

i’ve been almost craving white tops for myself. white is my absolute favorite color to wear in the summer. practical, no. beautiful, yes!

the fabric is an almost gauzey white cotton i got over the weekend from bolt. kristin and heather helped me decide amongst all the lovelies they had to choose from (thanks, ladies!).

check out that tree! these pics were taken right outside our house. (nice tree… healthy tree…:)

in the interest of keeping it real (ideas on this? maybe take in the back? is it too big?).there’s a bit of a party going on back there.

ok, back to the front we go.

wanna join me? c’mon. it’ll be fun! let’s make some clothes for ourselves.


ps- don’t forget to enter the giveaway if you haven’t already! i will keep it open until friday sometime.

23 thoughts on “wiksten tova: mama needs new clothes

  1. This is the best summer top ever! I´ve been wanting to have a crisp white Tova for a while but you know… 3 kids means lots of shorts to sew and little time for me to go out. Blah, blah, blah, the usual excuse.
    Beautiful photos too!

  2. You look fantastic! And that white fabric is absolutely gorgeous….and such a great pairing for that top (I need to get around to making one one of these days). I also need to back away from all the patterned fabrics when I sew tops for myself. Solids are usually much more my thing but I get sucked in by all the pretty fabrics. Damn you pretty fabrics!

  3. WOW, it is gorgeous! What a lovely fabric choice. It has summer written all over it! Sorry no tips for the back, I have to say so that I don’t mind the extra fabric. I am a lover of loose garments ;)

  4. Oh, it’s so light, airy, and summery! Just so long as you avoid tomato-based sauces, I think it’s quite practical and cool for a hot day. And I like the fit, myself. It’s loose and peasant-y.

  5. eek, sorry i haven’t commented yet! this is SO pretty and i was shocked to see it done already – damn girl, you’re fast! i think you might be a small, or maybe in between a medium and a small? kind of a tough one, i always err on the side of making things “too big,” too. it’s still lovely, though. the white is dreamy.

  6. My favorite color is white, too. I’d love to wear it all the time. And the fabric is just wonderful, totally my thing.
    You’ve made a wonderful piece! :)

  7. Well, super late to the party, but this is gorgeous!
    I too am a pear shape, and made this top recently – I ended up putting some fish-eye darts in the back of mine to remove some of the extra fabric.

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