thank you giveaway!

i have to say, i’ve only been blogging a couple of months now, but i really love it. i appreciate every single comment that’s been left. i have thoroughly enjoyed the email correspondence that has developed with some of my readers. this blog is still in its baby stages, but it’s a fantastic little baby!

i started this blog to become more of a part of the sewing community. to be honest, although portland is a great crafty town, i’ve definitely felt the absence of a crafting community within my own life. but starting this blog has really changed that. if you’re reading this and have been on the fence about starting a blog of your own, i really encourage you to give it a try.

to thank my lovely readers (and in all honesty, in the hopes of finding more!), i’ve decided to do my first little giveaway! i’ve had this yard of the now out of print and hard to find heather ross far far away print in a lovely double gauze for quite a while and it’s just sitting there, waiting to be loved. one lucky reader will have the option of EITHER having me sew the fabric into a citronille marie top in the size of your choice (okay, sizes 2, 4, 6, or 8) OR of having me send you the lovely (prewashed) fabric. your choice!

for the top, please note that i am trying to get my serger working so i can finish the inside seams that way, but please be okay with it if they end up being finished with a zigzag stitch. (thanks for your understanding.) UPDATE: serger working! yay.

to enter, please leave a comment here, telling me which you’d prefer and what you’re working on (or want to be working on!). comments will be left open and the winner will be chosen at random on friday, june 15. if you choose the top option, please allow a week for me to complete the top and get it on its way to you!

fine print: you must be 18 years old to enter… the winner will have the choice to receive either one sewn garment (pattern not included) OR one yard of the fabric as pictured. yadda, yadda, yadda. ;)

yay! good luck. spread the word! and i hope that wherever you are, wherever you live, you are having better weather than we have here in portland today. chances are in your favor. :)



And the winner is… Commenter #7, Maria! Congratulations! :)

20 thoughts on “thank you giveaway!

  1. I just found you last night as I was doing a web search on citronille! Isn’t that funny for today’s giveaway? I live just south of you in Salem and boy – today’s weather is not fun! I look forward to reading all of your sewing adventures!

  2. What an awesome giveaway! I’ve loved seeing your versions of this pattern, so I’d love for you to make my Elsie one in a size 2. (And I don’t use a serger, so I don’t mind that at all.) I’m working on way too many things… what I need to finish is a charity quilt, but I what I want to do is make some Euro swim trunks for my boy. I have sewing ADD. By the way, I heard you have a couple of hot dates tonight- totally jealous!

  3. i don’t have my own babes, but i’d love to make that fabric into something for a friend’s little one!
    i, too, feel really happy with the online sewing community i’ve found here in blogland :)

  4. oh, this is fun! i love to have stuff handmade by someone other than me…i’d choose the you-sew option :). i’m working on some elephant pants, and a romper, and a tote bag, and 10 other things. you know how it goes…

  5. Are you kidding me? A chance to have an actual Citronelle pattern sewn up for me – in Heather Ross fabric? Pretty impressive first give-away! As for current projects, just finishing up another Figgy’s romper, but can’t figure out what buttons to use. Then hoping to tackle another pair of O & S shorts – can’t decide to go with ruffle version or not!

  6. Lucky me! I found your beautiful sewing blog thanks to a comment you left on mine. I fell instantly in love with the outfits you make for your daughter. I would have become a follower anyway ;-)

    PS I think I´d chose the fabric but it´s so hard to decide!!

  7. LOVE your blog and I’m so happy we’ve now met in person! I’m totally a follower. I’m working on a swim coverup for Em, a full outfit for O, a dress for me, and I’m plotting many other things… };)

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  9. What a generous giveaway! Love the fabric and the pattern is on my wish list. I just want to get a bit more sewing excpieriance before I dare tackling a pattern in french. Just finished a bag for a teachers gift and starting today on the Wiksten tank ;)
    I would love the tank finished and all if I – Miya should win!

  10. Found your blog via Skirt as Top and will add you to my reader. I enjoyed scrolling through your past posts. That jumper is to die for! Someday I will brave Japanese patterns…sigh… Anyway, glad to “meet” you and yes, I would love to win a top from you in that gorgeous fabric!

  11. I can’t decide! I love that double gauze and would probably find several projects on my to-do list I could use it with, but it would be hard to turn down a custom piece for my little girl. Thanks for the generous giveaway! Happy to find your blog.

  12. I would love the top in a size 6 for my daughter! Exciting! I think I’m going to start working on some more shorts for my son.

  13. came here to read about your tova (which is lovely by the way) but I would love to be entered into your giveaway! as much as I love fabric, the idea of a hand made top for one of my girls would be too much to resist!

  14. Wowzer. I would love to win, and if I do, I would prefer the size 3T for my sweet Iris. I am currently working on a queen/full size quilt a la Posie Gets Cozy “lemon poppyseed” quilt, in a modified “Sparks Baby Quilt” 12″ block pattern… seems daunting, I hope I finish!

  15. What a lovely giveaway. My granddaughter is right into unicorns, they moved to china last year and she thought she would find one there. I would love the fabric to make her a top as she is tall but very tiny in the body. Good luck with the blogging.

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