citronille marie no. 2 & o+s picnic class shorts

holy cuteness, batman.

to be honest, these shorts weren’t my favorite of liesl’s patterns. in fact, i’ve been sitting on this pattern for a year having only sewn the top and no plans to sew the shorts. but then i started to see some throwback versions and i changed my tune. i am in love. this pattern is perfection.

the class picnic shorts were sewn up in some sort of thick fabric i found in the denim/twill section at mill end. it’s (not obnoxiously) hot pink. the contrast fabric is kona snow, but i doubled it up with a lightweight white denim i had in my stash so the white wouldn’t be transparent.

my featherweight rocked these shorts out in no time. it shall henceforth be called zippy. the thing sews something serious. (i haven’t broken out the zigzagger attachment yet, but finished the inside seams  by turning them in ~1/4″ and sewing with a straight stitch, thanks lucinda! there is also a great series of tutorials on finishing seams with a straight stitch machine over on the oliver + s blog.) i had a bit of a hard time controlling the speed of the machine, as i have the original foot pedal. a slight twinge of my toe makes the machine go from barely moving to super fast, faster than my computerized pfaff goes. (yes, my toe. this should actually be called a toe pedal because you have a little button to press down and the toe’s the thing. anyways.) so there were a few wonky stitches (including the faux fly) on this one. i ordered a new modernized foot pedal from april, the queen of all things featherweight (and where my machine came from, fully restored).

whassup? you talkin’ to me?

. . .

the citronille marie is done in a reproduction feedsack print (i think), so it’s just plain old quilting cotton. seriously love this pattern, though. i could sew 5 or 6 more but then you might get bored. ;)

yep. we take pics first thing in the morning. yep, we need to mow the grass. again. all it does is rain, rain, rain. off to put on some warmer clothes.

happy tuesday!

12 thoughts on “citronille marie no. 2 & o+s picnic class shorts

  1. i totally agree – the class picnic short weren’t my fave when i first saw them, but there are SOOO many cute versions lately, they’re quickly becoming a “must sew.” your retro version is fantastic and i always love your citronelle creations!

  2. yup, i felt the same way about the shorts, but i absolutely LOVE them now. the flickr pool is dangerous like that :). and i don’t know how many more of these adorable citronilles i can take!

  3. I think most oliver and s patterns tend to be like that for me. I look at the new patterns and think ok these are “ok” but then I see them made up in all sorts of different ways and see the awesome fit in the flickr pool and then I end up loving them. These shorts were definately one of those patterns for me. Love your version!

  4. Oooh, I love the shorts done up all retro-1970s! Now I’m totally imagining them in orange with red (or yellow?) trim, like something from my own childhood! And I’m not bored by Citronelles yet! Keep ’em coming!

  5. Look at you, nothing stops you! Broken machine and you still sew the most goegeous pieces! Love the shorts, and just want to let you know that I have no problems to look at more Marie tops :)

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