the best laid plans…

yeah, pretty sure you know how that one turns out.

i’ve been sewing a ton around here. i have three finished tops i’ve not blogged about, not to mention a pair of tighty whities for the littles :) as a first pass at undies (they need some tweaking). but these tops need bottoms! i had a pair of shorts all cut out and started on because damn it i was going to finish them sunday night and post them on monday. and then. my machine. it jammed, the needle thread broke, the needle broke. many many times and now i give up. it’s all about unhappy. it needs to go to the sewing machine hospital (lucky for me i got a $20 off coupon at the last bolt sale!)

so. here’s a pic of one of the tops that i finished. it’s the citronille marie. i debated and debated to myself about ordering this pattern. i mean, really. it’s just a raglan top. how many such patterns does one really need?? but the tops and dresses i kept seeing were freakin’ adorable. there’s just something about the cut. it’s a beautiful and simple pattern (my favorite kind).

my first iteration wasn’t my favorite. i’m not sure the print does the pattern justice. but it’s cute anyways. it will certainly do for summer camp. one thing i am loving about this top is that c can sit with her knees in it (which she loves to do in all her tops, maybe just to drive me crazy) and not stretch it out. that kid has ruined many a knit shirt. i digress.

since i know my machine will be gone a week or more, i have drug out my adorable featherweight.

pretty, right?

i got it for mother’s day 2009 (and then promptly broke two toes so couldn’t use it for a while) but it doesn’t get much use. i’m just really used to my modern machine, i guess. plus i always think of the featherweight as a straight-stitch only machine. you know, ’cause it is one. so i was trying to figure out how i was going to finish seams with it and went and got all my accessories out and realized i have this!

the singer automatic zigzagger! i’ve never used it and it looks very awkward to me (it’s huge! and the machine is tiny!) but i’m gonna figure it out.

so, off i go to read my manual. more later this week. i hope.

4 thoughts on “the best laid plans…

  1. Bummer about your broken machine – but good for you for persevering with the Singer! Another way to finish seams (if you don’t want to figure out the zigzagger) is to either pink them, or fold over a tiny hem (1/8 inch) along each seam side and sew it down. This works pretty well, and I think is actually a neater finish than the zigzag my machine does.
    Love the Citronelle top! I love seeing what people are making from these patterns. I have yet to take the plunge, but am so enjoying what everyone else is cleverly sewing up. I think the green polka dot is adorable!

  2. ummmmm….how about french seams on your citronelle patterns! ;) i think i’d totally break out in hives if i lost use of my machine (though i have a vintage machine from my grandma – not even sure what it is!). good luck carrying on!

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