my sewing studio

because everyone love to see where people sew, i thought i’d share my studio space with you.

i share my sewing / crafting space with my home office, which is in our main floor master bedroom. after c was born, hubby and i started sleeping in the extra bedroom upstairs to be close to her, so this space quickly became my home office ( i work from home). we remodeled it a year ago after i tired of the drab space and was inspired by alicia’s awesome studio remodel.

the first step was a fresh coat of paint and replacing the ugly wall-to-wall carpeting with laminate flooring.

next up? ikea, of course. as you can see, i made quite a bit of use of the expedit shelving. on the walls are two sets of 4×4 units topped by two sets of 4×2 units. the baskets on the top shelves store my yarn, and the rest of the shelves store my craft books and patterns, sewing notions, and other office/husband stuff.

my cutting table is awesome. this is something i looked and looked and looked for and completely obsessed over. i have a relatively big/long space, so wanted to have as big a cutting table as the room could fit. i ended up constructing my own out of two 4×2 expedit shelves, which together provided a base of about 58 x 31 inches. the shelves were bracketed together at the top and at the bottom. we also got a big sheet of mdf to help stabilize and reinforce the bottom so that the table would be more of a solid unit instead of two pieces at the bottom. the whole thing sits 4.5 inches off the ground using 12 adjustable legs (these, i think, though mine look a wee bit different… we found them right next to the expedit shelving in the warehouse). the legs were inserted through the mdf into the shelves. the base was then topped with the beautiful beech numerar countertop, which is an enormous 73 x 39 inches. the total height of the table is around 38″ and is perfect. since the shelves are designed to stand upright, i try not to overload them with books, especially since they are supporting the big butcherblock counter top. the whole thing is awesome, stable, beautiful… and i love love love it. seriously, i can’t stress its awesomeness enough… even if you can’t swing the wood counter top, you could put a less expensive topper on it (like this, or go even cheaper at home depot) or even skip that part or save it until later. without the counter top, the whole thing easily came in under $200.

my sewing table is the norden dining table, which sadly doesn’t appear to be available in white anymore. the table has an extension leaf, but becomes too wobbly when sewing on it that way, so i don’t use it. (i had also looked at less expensive options, and even brought home and had my husband put together the less expensive melltorp table, but i found it wasn’t nearly stable enough to handle the vibration of the machine. i wonder if it would be more stable on carpet?)

last up is my fabric storage bookshelf. in order to divide the shelf down the middle, i bought two narrow billy bookshelves. i covered the glass portion of the doors to protect the fabric from the sun… am going to need to do a bit of sleuthing to find the source for this one. (the glowing light on top is actually four of these… getting these pics with the lights off prooved to be beyond my camera skills at the moment!)

the other wall houses my desk and unsightly pc, so we’ll just skip that part of the tour, ok? :)

obviously, my husband is awesome. he put all the furniture together for me, and helped me haul it home. not to mention the bazillion ikea trips he had to make!

thanks for visiting! i’d be happy to answer any questions and provide greater detail on how the cutting table was constructed. i’d love to see your studio spaces, too, so feel free to link up in the comments!

20 thoughts on “my sewing studio

  1. you’re killing me with that cutting table! how perfect! i’m so impressed by (and jealous of!) how clean and organized and uncluttered your space is – it’s beautiful!

  2. ROBIN! I love your stuff, so glad you commented on my blog so I could find you. I’ll be reading now :) So I’m gathering you live in Portland now and not Cincinnati? That’s such a bummer because I really want you to come hang out with me at Sewn Studio! Do you ever come back to town?

  3. omigosh i’m drooling all over my keyboard. SO jealous of your space – i’m in a cramped basement spot, but it’s so much better than when it was an unfinished and unheated basement! but i’d die for that light and that shelving. wonderful!

  4. Robin, I’m having a ton of fun looking through your site! :) I love your sewing studio! I need one myself. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. You’ve given me a lot of ideas!

  5. I’m lucky enough to have a dedicated sewing room but it’s nowhere near as pretty or as functional as this. I’m hoping to remodel in the next 18 months and have pinned your ideas for inspiration (I hope you don’t mind). I’ll certainly be implementing the cutting table idea. It’s amazing.

  6. I added a leg in the middle of my table – it cut the vibration as well as helped when the table was weighted in the middle working on other projects. I did leave the leaf in the table with the new leg permanently attached to it. I had a contractor fix it but a handy husband could fix it up. Your space is inspiring.

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  8. Looks great! Love your cutting table, did you get your cutting table top from Ikea too? I’m counting the days until I get my own sewing space ( 1 year) however I’m having fun deciding on furniture & colours!

  9. Love your cutting table; I did the exact same thing but without the top. I figure I might get one one day, but for now, it’s OK as is :) I was curious if you had a picture of the brackets you used to connect your two shelves? I’m thinking maybe with the holes already provided in the top and bottom of the shelves, but thought I’d ask someone who’s done it already! :)

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  11. I totally love love this room. I am going to show my hubby. With Expedit gone he was going to make me shelving. My daughter is dying for me to get THIS organized in our sewing/craft room. I want this exact same setup in the toy room! (Minus the big table…smaller one for Legos!). This is truly the very best use of Expedit yet! Way to go!

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