hexagoned ofelia + crafty wonderland

over the weekend i decided to paper-piece up some 1-inch hexagons using various scraps i had around. i appliqued them to the front of a linen ofelia instead of the ribbon. fun, huh?

the ofelia pattern (by locally-owned patterns by figgy’s) is easy and a quick sew. the pattern gives instructions on sewing french seams, but after sewing one sleeve on with french seams and seeing how bulky the seam was with the linen, i just went back to the normal seams. i also omitted the sleeve binding to keep things simple and focused on the hexagons.

in other news, i got to go to portland’s semi-annual craft fair, crafty wonderland, on saturday. i met up with a few friends, made a washi tape flower brooch at collage’s table, and generally soaked in the crafty awesomeness. and of course i scored a few fun things, all made locally:

bag made with vintage sheets by four-eyed girl.

handmade buttons and necklace by chet and dot. the necklace is for the littles, and the buttons for some fun future craft project (as i was advised they should be handwashed only, darn it!)

handmade polymer vintage sewing stamps by blue diamond stamp company

i also got a bunch of washi tape from collage and some homemade lollipops (the flavor of one is salted caramel, which i declare to be delicious) from this charming candy.

looks like a lot of these on-line shops are mostly empty, but i bet they’ll begin filling back up again now the the show is over. if you’re ever in the portland-area when the show is going on, i highly recommend you stop by and check it out.

after the show, i took the light rail back home, and was picked up at the station by a panicky husband waving frantically at me. poor c had just vomited all over the back seat (mostly on the floor, thankfully). there is a seriously potent stomach bug that has knocked out nearly all the kids (and now parents…) at her school in the past week. i was very thankful that the worst was over by sunday morning and we got to enjoy a very quiet mother’s day together at home. i had intended to do some sewing on sunday afternoon, but ended up working on the blog and tinkering around with some css coding. not exactly what i had planned! messing with css on wordpress is easier than i thought it would be (a computer whiz i am not), and i highly recommend you play around with it if you blog here.

what did you do for mother’s day?

now, i’m pretty sure i need to go wash my hands again….

7 thoughts on “hexagoned ofelia + crafty wonderland

    • Thanks, Carolyn! So nice of your to visit my space. I’ve been following your blog for quite some time now, and always enjoy seeing the cute things you make. :)

      Happy sewing! Robin

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