vintage inspired round neck dress

inspired by this adorable dress and all the vintage loveliness popping up all over blogland in preparation for vintage may, i sewed up a round neck dress. i’ve had this pattern for a while now, but never got around sewing it up for some silly reason. the fit is perfect, and i heart it.

having no vintage sheets on hand (but plans to remedy that very soon), i used a print from heather bailey’s nicey jane collection, which has been sitting in my stash. i sewed it up in size 3, worrying the whole time that it wouldn’t fit my pea of a 4.5 year old as there was no sizing guide. i was afraid the size 4/5 would be too big so had to brave the size 3. the fit is perfect, though next time i’ll probably add a couple of inches to the hem.

the leggins are again the johnny mango seed leggings (i sewed up four of these last summer- they are a serious staple. need to make some more!!)

in other news, i treated myself to a mother’s day gift- some citronille patterns and book. i decided that mother’s day was as good a justification as any to splurge on these patterns. they are very simple and have classic lines. you can find a lot of similar patterns around, but well. i couldn’t help myself. i’ve been drooling over the site since the patterns showed up on soulemama and posie gets cozy. (and then i found this, and well, you know how these things go.) i was super impressed with the shipping. i ordered these on may 2 and they showed up yesterday!! (tip- if you order 3 or more items, be sure to make sure it isn’t cheaper to ship if you place two orders- i noticed the shipping went up $10 if i ordered all three items in the same order- i think they upgrade shipping).  i’ve been really good and haven’t broken into them yet, but not sure i have enough restraint to wait until sunday. maybe i’ll be granted some precious daytime sewing hours that day and will be able to crack into these.

what about you? are you treating yourself for mother’s day?

6 thoughts on “vintage inspired round neck dress

  1. i LOVE it! that fabric is great, and so vintage looking! good fit, too. excited to see how your citronille patterns go, i’ve always wanted to try one of those.

    • thanks, gail! yours was super awesome. love your blog, btw. it’s very inspiring to me as a new blogger to see a blog like yours, which has been so successful in a relatively short period of time. looking forward to seeing what you create next. :)

  2. such a cute dress! and I’ve been SO wanting to purchase some Citronelle patterns, but have been nervous to do so b/c of the language difference. I hope you will post your finished results and give us a review on how easy (or not!) the Citronelle patterns are to sew from. I think that was a perfect Mother’s Day gift!

  3. I love this dress! My mother’s day also involved some online pattern purchases. I would love to read about your experience with the Citronille patterns once you delve into them. I think they are so lovely!

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