sewing japanese no. 2

over the weekend i sewed up dress “d” from the japanese pattern book “a sunny spot” (isbn 978-4-529-04894-1).

here’s a pic from the book of the one i made. isn’t it adorable? there’s a summer version, too, with spaghetti straps and side panels that go higher up on the arm, but i thought the boxiness of this “fall/winter” version was even cuter. i freakin’ love those side panels and pockets. love ’em.

anyways, i made it up in one of the denyse schmidt prints from joann’s… these small solids are awesome to use for garments because from a distance, they read as prints but provide more interest up close.

i went for size 100 again, this time it was a perfect fit. i had no trouble with the pattern at all, except for messing up the binding at the armholes- this as a result of not paying attention to whether i was supposed to sew the binding to the front or the back. i did the opposite, and ended up with slightly wider front panels than the pattern intended. ah well. next time.

the family and i had a fabulous lunch at pine state biscuits on saturday (go on, click on the link to see what i ate. so good. so not healthy). afterwards we headed over to cool cottons where the hubby snapped this picture-

i even found a couple of pics of the fabric stacks on his camera. hilarious.

3 thoughts on “sewing japanese no. 2

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  2. I love that you are doing stuff with Japanese patterns. I’ve only just tried remaking things from seeing pics and TRYING to figure it out on my own. This is soo cute! How is “cool cottons”? I just read about it on Yelp the other day. I just moved to Portland last September, and don’t know all the tucked away secrets! I keep finding out that there are a lot of sewing bloggists here in Portland! We should all have a picnic or something sometime, it sounds a little zombie-esque, but I’d love to pick all of your brains and, yes, I realize that sounded weird and gruesome as I typed that out x-p Sorry!

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