sewing japanese…

i had a big kcwc fail last week. i did a little more sewing, but got frustrated with a top i was working on and had to walk away. that coupled with a stressful week at work/ big deadline and a sick kiddo turned into very little to show for the kcwc challenge. hopefully i’ll do better in the fall.

i’ve been wanting to sew dress #4 from the japanese pattern book everyday girls’ clothes (isbn 9784529047005) for um… a year? more? too long. i even found some gorgeous purple linen at my local fabric store and have had it stashed away in waiting. why do i do this, this stashing away of things to sew at some later date? silliness. anyways, yes, i basically sewed a copy of the original. i don’t usually do this, but i loved the pics in the book so much i couldn’t help myself.

i sewed up a size 100, which should be the right size based on c’s height and chest measurements. alas, that doesn’t factor in her head measurements- the neck is a tiny bit of a squeeze, even with the two buttons in the back. i think she is going through a bit of an anime stage right now. the fit was otherwise spot on, but io don’t think it will give her as much growing room as i had anticipated. (it might not matter… she might never wear it because the neck is tight going on.) the facing around the neck is some gorgeous liberty.

this was super easy to sew. sewing from japanese pattern books isn’t hard at all as long as you know a few basics (this awesome new blog is a fantastic resource). the diagrams are extremely helpful and if you have experience sewing clothes then you should have no trouble finding your way through. i’m lucky enough to have a kinokuniya locally, which is where I buy all my japanese pattern books.

i find myself really drawn to these simple beautiful garments, popular in japan and france. too bad they seem so out of place in america. i also love linen; it’s so light and comfortable in the summer, and looks good (to me) even without ironing. but it just seems so… fancy! what do you think? what are you sewing these days?

7 thoughts on “sewing japanese…

  1. oh! i love your creations! thanks for commenting on mine so i could click through!! i think we’re gonna need to set up a portland sewing blogger meetup sometime soon. :D

  2. Oh, this is so simple and gorgeous! Thank you for stopping by my blog to comment – I’m having so much fun scrolling through your beautiful blog!

  3. I just love your guts in taking up japanese patterns and doing them so well…I love all the patterns in your japanese books but would never have the guts to try it myself…You should seriously think of hosting some sewalongs – I will definitely buy the books then…

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