hopscotch skirts… squared.

between the end of winter and a growth spurt, my daughter c is in desperate need of new clothes for spring. and what more could a 4 year old little girl want than a couple of new skirts? (oh, I mean besides twirly skirts and dresses and tights. Of course.) i have spent the last few days sewing up two oliver + s hopscotch skirts.

the first one i made is in a medium-weight twill i picked up last week from the fabric depot. the weight of the fabric made it a bit more difficult to get nice creases in the pockets, but i think it came out good enough. on this skirt, i just sewed the two front panels closed at the buttons and then sewed on the buttons. i did add the regular buttonhole at the waist, but don’t think it’s necessary since there’s all that elastic in the back? c is small for her age… though she’s 4, her waist and hips both measure 21 inches, she’s 39 inches tall, and weighs 31 pounds. i sewed her a size 2T with a hem length of 3T, and the fit is spot on. you gotta love it when the pattern fits exactly the way it’s supposed to.

the second one went much faster. this one was started yesterday, and i just finished it up tonight. i’m partaking in the elsie marley kcwc so this counts for days #1-2. the skirt is made with a lightweight denim that i reversed. the “back” of the denim was much more interesting, and looks like chambray. this was from the stash… couldn’t tell you where it came from. no buttonholes on this one.

i also made an AMAZING discovery tonight- the fact that my sewing machine is quite adept at sewing on buttons. For whatever reason (okay, probably because it’s buttonhole program isn’t the greatest), i never bothered to try using my machine to sew on a button. but after hand-sewing on the buttons on the twill skirt, i thought I’d give it a go. it worked perfectly and was the simplest thing ever. i am in love. see? isn’t it pretty? all i did was pin the two front pieces together, and i sewed those panels closed with buttons. easy peasy. have you tried this on your machine yet? if not, do it.

this is a fantastic pattern, as all o + s patterns are. liesl gives fantastic instructions that have really helped improve my sewing skills. and the garments always come out the way you think they should.

i will have to add action shots another day, as the littles is in bed. she is SO excited to have some new mama-made clothes. she told me she is so lucky to have a mommy that can sew skirts for her. oh, my aching heart. the cuteness.

7 thoughts on “hopscotch skirts… squared.

  1. o.k. you did it! i just ordered the pattern :)
    i haven’t sewn for ages, and never very well,… this will definitely be an adventure.

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